Meet Your Mover

Connor M.

Growing up alongside the sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast, I’ve always welcomed the

clear skies and 75° year around weather of San Diego, California my home. As long as I can

remember I’ve always had a paintbrush, pencil or stylus in my hand. I was drawn to the world

of art, and in 2009 I attended San Diego State University, where I graduated with the degree of

Bachelor of Arts With Emphasis in Multimedia in 2013. I took a particular interest in game art

and design, which was accompanied by my passion for video games.

In the years following my graduation I developed a greater understanding of the AAA

gaming industry and the fundamentals of game design. I started working construction jobs as a

means to pay bills, but I realized that my artistic background could be applied to an engineer

aspect; this sparked my interest in architectural design with CAD software. Never really finding

a footing with my current job choice at the time, I decided that I needed a change. So I set my

sights on the sunset red granite dome of the capital building, threw what I could on my back,

and moved out to Austin, TX to see what that was all about.

After a few months settling in and enjoying what the city had to offer I came across a

job posting for a growing moving. I was hired on to Einstein

Moving Co. on January 21, 2016. I still study game art and architecture during my free time,

and now I can honestly say that Austin is home for me.