Meet Your Mover

Justin T.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Justin spent some of his early years in California before his mother realized her error in heading West. Following high school, Justin moved merely 45 minutes up the road to San Marcos to attend Texas State University. It was there that he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Metalsmithing with a minor in Psychology, soon transitioning from student to teacher upon graduation. In between teaching Metalsmithing and jewelry making classes in Austin and San Antonio, Justin has been hard at work developing his own home studio, which currently exists inside his one bedroom apartment. When he’s not in his studio or teaching classes, he is outside hiking with his wife and dog, swimming in the river, cooking food on the grill, or taking long bike rides on bumpy trails. Other than being an avid outdoorsman, Justin is a born again, bible believing Christian, forever blessed each day he’s alive on this Earth. Justin also feels grateful for the myriad opportunities to help in other’s lives and looks forward to providing the best moving experience for each and every client!