Meet Your Mover

Phil O.

I went to college at St. Edward’s University, and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology, focusing in behavioral neuroscience. I then spent a few years bouncing between Virginia and Texas, landing firmly with my heart and head in Austin. I grew up a military brat, and have personally moved over 18 times in my young life, my crowning achievement was being in 11 different schools by my senior year of high school.

I love the outdoors, and nature, and one day hope to work in a field that helps protect and conserve those environments. I Live through music, and play bass guitar myself, although I do not currently play in any groups. I am currently halfway through obtaining all the certifications I need to become a dive master, and I think scuba diving is awesome. A goal of mine is to swim with a great white shark, off the coast of California because the South African sharks are too massive, without a cage. I cannot imagine a more awe-inspiring and humbling experience for a human to go through.