Meet Your Mover

Richard B.

My name is Richard B. Through my travels I have acquired many skills and some fame. Coming from humble beginnings in San Antonio, I proved myself a warrior on the field as a running back for the Roosevelt Rough Riders. After graduating in 2007 I spent a few years in the Navy. Upon leaving the service I found myself wondering where a sailor without a ship could possibly feel at home. Thankfully I was not adrift for long as the sea called to me once again, but this time for a deeper purpose. I completed my commercial diver training at The Ocean Corporation located in the bustling metropolis of Houston, TX. And there I stayed until fate and fair winds took me to Austin, where I currently live with my beautiful mermaid… and our three hounds.
We live a simple, yet wonderful life. A typical day involves taking our three dogs to the park, kayaking through the hill country, camping, spending time with family, and frantically searching for our next shenanigans.