Adan P

Adan P.

Adan was born and raised in San Antonio TX and lived his whole life there before moving to San Marcos TX to pursue a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. During his time at Texas State University, Adan has made the Deans list throughout multiple semesters, has been involved with organizations such as Bobcat Idea which serves as an outlet for students interested in doing research on campus, and has had multiple jobs on and off campus including being an RA, working at the student recreation center, and working at the San Marcos retail outlets. Adan hopes to one day commission in the Air Force as an officer after obtaining more experience in the workforce. Adan enjoys things like Olympic weightlifting, disc golf, hiking, traveling, and trying new restaurants. Some of his favorite places to travel include Vail, Breckinridge, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Adan is also an active member of the Texas State Weightlifting team and competes at both local and national meets.