Benjamin B.

Benjamin was born in Florida but was raised in Connecticut. After training for the National Guard Infantry he took to Florida to apprentice under a missionary pilot/mechanic where he learned about aviation mechanics. When the company took a loss they could no longer keep him as an apprentice. From there he decided to head home where he took up factory work for a temp agency where he aspired to leave home and travel the country.
After a few years and a couple setbacks, he saved enough money to wander the states. After a month of traveling the east side, he decided to head west and found Texas which he really enjoyed. After a short time he, Benjamin developed an addiction for brisket and spicy BBQ(YEEHAW!!!). In his off time, he enjoys cooking, climbing around hiking trails, and motorcycling around Austin with his new friends. He also plans to set out and explore as much as Texas as he can.
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