Benjamin H.

Beej’s legal name is Benjamin but at age 7 the name Beej, a combination of both his first name and middle name, Jakob, stuck. He was born in Chicago and moved around a lot before his family finally landed in Washington State for the next 18 years of his life. A state that he grew to love for its abundance of outdoor activities. Following high school in the Northwest Beej traveled to the city of Walla Walla, WA to continue his education at Whitman College where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and Film & Media Studies. He’s moved to Austin following graduation to be closer to family and engage with this awesome city! In his free time he loves meeting new people, making videos, has a penchant for sweets, enjoys cycling and running, and watching movies in an empty theater. This last activity sounds lonely but he finds it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Beej looks forward to meeting you and helping make your move as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with the team at Einstein!

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