Brandon Kelley

Born and raised right here in Austin, Brandon graduated from Hendrickson High School in 2012 and soon found summer work repairing large communication towers. Not only did this eliminate his fear of heights, but it also enabled him to travel much of the continental United States. Though he had received many postcards over the years, actually seeing the beautiful parts of this country in person augmented his desire to travel more extensively. With intentions of going back to school to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, Brandon has been practicing his tactical skills on the paintball field. In fact, outside of fishing with his dog, paintball takes up the majority of his time outside of work. An 11 year veteran of the sport, Brandon began playing competitively a few years ago and has no plans to stop. Brandon also places immense value on family, which was his primary reason for leaving the tower industry and coming to work at Einstein. He looks forward to bringing his limitless energy and work ethic to every customer he relocates!

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