Brett B.

Brett has lived in the DFW area his entire life; if you name a city in this area, he’s probably lived in it. However, he primarily lived in Arlington and Denton as he grew up. He currently resides in Denton and loves everything the unique city has to offer. In 2017 he graduated from Arlington High School and proudly attended both the University of Texas at Arlington, as well as the University of North Texas. A business major, Brett enjoys numbers, marketing, and anything that has to do with the field of business.

Brett takes great enjoyment in anything involving psychology and the multitude of questions that come with it and learning from the answers that he gathers from his own personal experiences, as well as the previous great thinkers. He also loves gaming, computers, and technology. He built his own gaming computer in 2016 that he uses daily, and is proud of it.

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