Dylan S.

Born and raised in Abilene, Dylan was immediately drawn to nature, constantly spending his time outside. Following high school, he chose to pick up work at a landscaping company in order to avoid being holed up indoors at a desk. Though he believes that Abilene is as beautiful as Texas gets, Dylan grew restless there, while simultaneously becoming enamored with the bright lights of Austin. Upon arriving in Austin, Dylan spent a few months exploring as many waterways and hiking trails as possible, immediately falling in love with Austin’s outdoorsy vibe. Once again looking for a job that would keep him active throughout the day, Dylan began working at Einstein in an effort to always remain active. Creatively, Dylan is an excellent artist, constantly completing cartoon sketches and filling up notepads. Dylan plans to attend college in the future once he has decided on his desired area of study. In the meantime, he looks forward to taking care of all your moving needs!

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