Jacob(Jake) H.

Jake was born and raised in Colorado and has just recently moved to Austin TX. He loves outdoor activities including White Water Rafting, Dirt Biking, Lacrosse, and Hiking. After attending the University of Colorado Boulder for Economics he traveled South Asia, living off of everything he packed in his backpack for two months. Learning how to fend for himself in a foreign country taught him to be detail-oriented and proactive; He quotes “These are the two invaluable skills I carry with me every day to solve life’s simple and complex problems.” If you ask him what are some of his favorite memories he might say, White Water Kayaking down the class four rapids, or going on a two-week excursion to Moab to conquer some of the most difficult terrain Utah has to offer. Maybe even surfing off the shores of Costa Rica. He loves action and challenge, making him a perfect fit for Einstein Moving Company.

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