Jason B.

Jason was born in Evanston, Illinois and moved to Waco, TX in 2003. Back then he was heavily involved in cross country, school leadership, and music. After graduating from Midway High School, the young man got accepted into Texas State University dual-majoring in biology and business administration in San Marcos, TX. After his first semester, Jason enlisted in the U.S. Army to become a truck driver(88MIKE) and also pay for some of the upcoming expenses in his college education/living situation. After graduating with a bachelor’s and retiring from 4 years in the military, he married his girlfriend at the time having 2 kids over the next 3 years. Even though this army dad was successful working in real estate and other recent management positions(Vivint Inc. and Spectrum/Charter Communications), COVID-19 left him hanging with limited work. Then everything changed when Jason found himself with a phone interview by Chris Anderson at Einstein’s Moving Company. Jason enjoys producing music, cooking delicious food, morning jogs, discussing the stock market, theorizing doomsday prepping, great memories with friends or coworkers, hiking in Provo, Utah, bonfires on the beach at Corpus Christi, TX, a challenge worth sweating for and overall Jesus.

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