Jose D.

Jose was born and raised in Laredo, TX. He graduated in the top 1% of his class in Alexander High School, and was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin as an Economics Major with a Philosophy minor, which he is still currently attending. Opportunity for good paying work in Laredo wasn’t great, much less for a high school student, so when he came to UT, he was determined to explore the world outside of academics. He invested, and continues to invest, countless hours every week learning how to invest in the stock market, live as frugally as possible, and ultimately how to gain financial freedom. Financial Education is a big part of who he is, but he does enjoy spending time exploring other aspects of life as well. Outside of financial education, he enjoys being part of the fitness community, and it is something he has actively worked towards for both himself and others since his sophomore year of high school. He loves it when people ask him questions about it, and is happy to delve into these topics even with complete strangers. Finally, his other favorite thing to do is anything so long as it involves those he loves. As long as they are his friends, family, or significant other, Jose enjoys every second he gets to spend with them.

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