Luis B.

Luis was born in the beautiful desert of El Paso, Texas. He has been excited about this company since his friend referred him to it. Meeting new people on a daily basis and sparking conversations in order to pick people’s brains is one of his strongest features, all while having a welcoming smile on his face. He went to an Early College High School which meant attending college classes with older students, intimidating right? Not for him, he proudly graduated in 2011 with an Associates Degree. He has worked an array of jobs in the technology industry and used to deliver appliances for Best Buy. Having this experience has always made him more curious to meeting new people. He has lived in Austin for 4.5 years now and loves the people from here and the wonderful diverse cultures.

Luis highly enjoys hobbies that require physical abilities. For example, he loves to play outside with his Lab puppy “Bruce”. He also takes a big enjoyment in making music with his instruments at home, and he’ll listen to his music while picking up a pencil and drawing many things in his sketchbook. He likes to enjoy all the beautiful scenery that Austin has to offer such as finding new hiking trails, kayaking Lady Bird Lake, playing football, and competing in soccer tournaments. His life motto has always been, “don’t tell me the sky is the limit, when there’s footprints on the moon.”

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