Mark F.

Born in the western suburbs of Chicago, Mark prides himself in his dedication to excellence. He
is currently attending Saint Louis University where he studies English and Political Science. He
came to Einstein’s to meet new a variety of new people, explore a new state and city, as well as
to continue to improve on his professional skills. Outside of work Mark has a variety of hobbies.
On a day off he might be playing piano, reading a sci-fi novel, learning something new, or
watching the latest movies and shows. As a pianist himself Mark enjoys listening to the jazz
music of Thelonius Monk and Herbie Hancock. His favorite show to go back to is Game of
Thrones. After a hard day at work, Mark’s ideal meal would be a steak dinner with some
leftovers to make steak and eggs the next morning. If you see Mark in the field, make sure to
say hi and don’t be afraid to ask him about his latest read.

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