Martin C.

Martin was born in San Antonio, TX and went to school in Pleasanton, TX. In 2012 he joined the Army and earned a position as a Combat Medic/Health Care Specialist. Here he quickly learned the value of teamwork and focus and has tried to live everyday by the Army Values instilled in him by his mentors and peers. Martin lived in South Korea twice, 2 years in high school and 1 year in the Army, where he learned the value of mindfulness, humility and intention. He left the Army in 2016 and moved to Colorado to strike out on his own and had many grand adventures with some amazing people. He moved to Austin in July of 2018 and has been slowly building an amazing chosen family. Martin always tries his hardest to push himself everyday so that he feels like he’s using his time in a meaningful way. He owes everything he’s achieved to his leaders and mentors who have pushed him to his limits and have helped him expand his skill set. He hopes to keep learning as much as he possibly can in order to make himself a better person and help those around him as much as possible. Martin looks forward to assisting on your next move!

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