Matthew D.

Born an air force brat in Michigan, Matthew spent his youth constantly traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world. Having already lived in England, New Mexico, Arizona, and, currently, Texas, he also plans to visit numerous other countries like Japan and New Zealand, for his love for traveling has only grown stronger with each new destination. Professionally, Matthew has spent most of his career in the customer service industry, placing the utmost value on areas that allow him to help others in need. Personally, Matthew leads a highly active lifestyle, spending much of his time at the gym, on his bicycle, hiking, or discovering new events within Austin. In order to balance the physical with the intellectual, Matthew also plays the guitar, writes poetry, and paints. Additionally, he volunteers for a lifeline crisis prevention hotline in order to help those in need. Fittingly, Matthew’s dream job is being a motivational speaker, for it would allow him to make a significant impact on people’s lives as they face their own struggles realizing their own dreams.

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