Matthew J

Matthew J.

Howdy! My name is Matthew Johnson and I am from Caldwell, Texas. I am 26 years old, have two older brothers, and I have two parents who are pastors. Being a Pastor’s kid I have lived in many places, but I found it fortunate to grow up in Aggie country. I attended Texas A&M University which is where I learned the value of hard work, volunteering, and putting others before myself. As a student, I worked my way through school while also making time to serve as a volunteer for both Breakaway and YoungLife as well as other organizations.
After college I began growing my love for people and the outdoors by working in an outdoor education department of a non-profit organization. My time spent there spurred on all of the hobbies and passions I now have and practice like rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking as well as many others. It wasn’t long after finding these new passions that I found myself drawn and moving to Austin. I have only been in Austin since September, but I have quickly come to love the vibrant outdoors, culture, and people.