Oscian (Ozzie) G.

Ozzie was born in San Antonio TX and raised here for a few years before moving around Texas with his military family as a kid. At least every year they’d move to a new city. In and out of 8 elementary schools to be exact until he was about 11 years old. San Antonio being their last stop. Having to adapt to new environments and meeting new people, Ozzie has no problem being somewhere new and talking to people. In Ozzie’s free time he enjoys having family time with his 3 year old daughter, taking her to the park and bringing her along to the comic book and collectibles store. When he has time to just himself he enjoys drawing designs for people that are in need of one or to just doodle for practice. If there’s time he’ll fit in a workout or two maybe three through out the week if he has the energy after work. Ozzie finds fitness real important in his opinion since he moves furniture for a living and also wants to have a healthy and fun lifestyle around his daughter.

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