Payton B.

Payton Blisard was born deep in the Texas brush of Salado TX, with a deep rooted desire for passion, leadership, and learning. After being home schooled in an RV while traveling all across America with his fathers work he finally settled back down to Salado, where He graduated from high school in 2017 and Immediately followed his passion for art, and Theatre to the Rising Star of Texas, Texas State University, in San Marcos TX. He is currently studying at Texas State with a BFA Major and a BA minor while working here at Einstein Moving. Payton Enjoys a lot of different physical and spiritual hobbies, including Yoga, meditation, reading, bike riding, and the occasional polar plunge. He loves to put his mind and his body to the test and have fun doing it! His also loves to paint and sing, and might just perform some Shakespeare for you if you ask him!

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