Roderick B

Hello! My name is Roderick, I was born in Natchez Mississippi and moved to Houston TX at the age of 9 with my mother and younger sister for better opportunities. I enjoy outdoor activities like jogging around the park or frisbee.  I’m just kidding, I’m the type of guy that rides motorcycles, play sports, and take (Calculated) risk in life for the better! I grew up running track, drawing, and playing sports. The focused and work ethic since middle school led me into the opportunity to play college football. Now I don’t have interest in watching it as much unless I’m with a group of people who share the same interests.
My friends would describe me as funny, passionate in my craft, and outgoing with just about anyone. I enjoy working with a team of people who are go getters and building bonds.  I’ve always been the guy who pays attention to details and the little things in whatever I do in life. 

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