Russell R.

I am from Houston and a small town in Wyoming. I moved back and forth between the two a lot growing up. In Wyoming I did a lot of ranch work and construction for my Dad’s business and that’s what instilled the work ethic I have in me now and how I love to be hands on. My time in Houston gave me more experience with diversity and made me the social person that I am now. I graduated from Texas Southern University for Radio Television and Film and got my start in Radio. I quickly moved over to House of Blues and got into live production and that took over as my passion. I love live music and all the work that goes into building a show. It is a lot more than people often realize, long days and hours, lots of moving heavy gear, and working with lots of different types of people. This instilled a focus on time efficiency and communication between me and my teammates as well as the touring crew. A show has to be ready to go by doors and it definitely is a team effort to make it happen. In my personal time I work on music and have a podcast about comics. I also got into coordinating my own local shows and built up good relations with a lot of venues and artists in the Houston and Austin cities. My passion for music and production has bleed into all aspects of my life.

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