Samuel(Sam) W.

Samuel was born in Austin Texas. At the age of 8, he moved to New Zealand where he would spend the next 4 years learning how to surf and going to school. Ten years later he would graduated from Hays High School and attend ACC where he would begin his degree in economic and politics. Along side ACC he also joined a Marital school called Rising Phoenix Martial Arts where after a few months he was hired to be in an instructor. Samuel has worked at the studio for the last 3 years and has learned valuable lessons in life and in business. He has a great passion for martial arts because of the group of people he is honored to be around and grow with. Samuel loves reading books, being it fiction or non fiction because he feel as though, through books, we get to see the world though another persons eyes. He loves the outdoors because it always gives him a since of peace and playfulness. He is often found swimming in a river or at a lake with his friends that he loves to be around. Over the course of the past few yeas he has leaned the importance of teamwork and leadership. He has found that the best teams have the best leaders and that it is a community of people he wants to be around.

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