Unpacking Tips for First-Time Movers

Moving can be a daunting experience. In addition to the transition of adjusting to a new neighborhood, and possibly new jobs and schools, there is also the overwhelming task of cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. If you are preparing for a move, read on for some simple suggestions that will ease the complexity of this life change.

Remember, You’re Not Superman…

Although it can be tempting to attempt to save money by doing everything on your own, don’t hesitate to hire a moving company. Residential movers can simplify your packing and unpacking experience tremendously. Movers have the right vehicles, manpower, and experience to offer peace of mind.

Personal Strategies to Unpacking

In addition to minimizing moving hassles by hiring a moving company, also be aware of some personal strategies that you can implement to add some sanity to the whole unpacking experience. First, take some time to clean your new space before you begin pulling items out of boxes. If items start getting placed around an unclean space, you will waste time by having to do even more cleaning than if you had done an initial cleanup before opening any boxes. Also, attempt to position all large pieces of furniture before positioning any smaller items from boxes.

Also remember to pace yourself. Instead of opening all of the boxes at once and being left wondering where to begin, start with just the boxes that contain absolute essentials, such as kitchen items, bedding, and toiletries that you use daily. Moving can be tiring, and it is comforting to know that you can stop and eat or go to sleep if you have had enough unpacking for one day. Try to unpack just the necessary items for the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and do so one room at a time. Don’t feel like you need to fully unpack the items from each room before moving to the next. Focus on unpacking and assembling just the essentials for each of these most frequented rooms. Doing so will allow for every day function and make the whole unpacking process seem less panic driven or overwhelming.

If you have children underfoot and have not yet unpacked all of their toys and belongings, simply allow them to set their imaginations free with boxes as they become empty. Children have a wonderful capability for creating imaginary scenarios with nothing more than empty boxes. Remind yourself that although the initial unpacking process seems daunting, it will soon be a distant memory and you will be fully adjusted to your new home and community.

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