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Our Story

Our story begins long before we ever completed our first move. In fact, it starts in Kindergarten, where we met and became fast friends. We basically grew up side by side, eventually becoming roommates and graduating together at Texas A&M. In an attempt to put off using our degrees, we started a nutritional supplement company and even a Christmas tree business (long story). While pushing to get these other companies off the ground, we worked part time for a moving company to pay the bills.

It wasn’t long before we realized that the moving industry was clunky, outdated, and deserved its bad reputation. We knew there was a need for a different kind of mover.

So, with an old pickup truck, a small business loan, and a whole bunch of hard work, we got to work filling that need.

Over the years, we talked a lot of really smart and talented people into joining our team and together we got stronger. Eventually, everyone became completely obsessed with the moving industry and now we spend all day every day working on ways to make it better.

This is the result of that ongoing effort.

We hope you enjoy.

Cameron Brown and Paul Morin
– Founders of Einstein Moving Company

What’s behind the name?

Outside of being a personal hero of ours (a real innovator in terms of hairstyles and a true mustache aficionado), Albert Einstein was WAY ahead of his time. He was the first to prove that mass was equivalent to energy (you know…E=MC2) and later blew our minds by revealing both time and space could bend. Basically, he rewrote how we thought the universe worked. He completely CHANGED THE GAME.

We hope to do the same kind of thing. But, ya know, with moving.

That means building and using smarter equipment. It means creating smarter processes and building smarter technology. And last but not least, it means hiring the gosh darn smartest movers the industry has ever seen.

Our Values

Constant Improvement

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