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Benji Boardman

Benjamin (Benji) Boardman


Born in New Braunfels, Benjamin is a proud, native Texan who loves his home state. His formative years were spent growing up outside of city limits on his family’s ranch, homeschooled with his siblings and mentored by his grandfather. After graduating from Navarro High School (in Seguin) he spent a year in McPherson, Kansas playing collegiate soccer for Central Christian College before realizing that academia wasn’t what stimulated his curiosity. He spent the next 7 years exploring the joy he finds through hard work in a multitude of positions spread across many trades but always stayed close to soccer in the form of officiating. This mixed path then led him to become a soccer coach for nearly 3 years before finding gratification with Einstein Movers. Benjamin is passionate about exploring the great state of Texas and facing new adventures with his dogs. If he’s not currently crossing a monument, swimming hole or state park off the list you can trust he’s in his garage tinkering with his Toyota Tacoma in preparation for his next escapade.

Christopher Anderson

Christopher (Chris) Anderson


Chris Anderson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. After completing two semesters at North Central Texas College, Chris decided to pursue a career in the office furniture business like his parents. He chose the delivery/installation side of the process and has spent the last several years perfecting his trade. With hopes of eventually becoming a sales representative for a moving company, he continues to learn the “ins and outs” of the moving business. His goal is to provide the most professional moving services possible.

Since relocating to Austin, Chris pursues all types of outdoor activities including kayaking, rock climbing and Frisbee Golf during his free time. Chris is the type of guy who can take on any situation presented to him and work it through to make it a win/win situation for everyone. He is there to make the moving process as painless and stress free as possible. Never hesitate to call on him with any question you have.

Jespah Lara

Jespah Lara


Hello! My name is Jespah and I am very excited to be assisting your move! A few things about me: I grew up moving frequently from city to city, and I have continued that trend in my adult life. I definitely understand the stress that comes with moving, and always strive to make it as hassle-free as possible for the customer (that’s you!). A few more things: I completed my B.A. in English Writing in Newport News, Virginia. After some post-education traveling, I decided to move to Austin in the Fall of 2013. I chose Austin for the weather, music, and ease of biking. Since moving here, I worked as a Teacher and Jewelry Consultant before recently joining the Einstein team. In my spare time I play music with my friends in Trophy Pets and design labyrinths.

Timothy P

Timothy (Tim) P.


Born and raised in the quiet and reserved German town of New Braunfels, Tim headed north to Austin with his girlfriend and two dogs after graduating high school. Currently enrolled at Austin Community College and studying to become a radiology technician, it has been Tim’s goal since he was a kid to ultimately work in a hospital helping others. From his very first experience with an X-Ray, he knew what path he wanted to take in order to achieve his goal. In the meantime, Tim decided to join the Einstein team in order find more stimulation at his workplace. Additionally, the appeal of having a job with exercise built in to the foundation made it an easy choice to make. When he’s not working, Tim enjoys going on long walks with his dogs, exploring nature with his girlfriend, and playing competitive sports.

Alex W

Alex W.


Alex graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s in Violin Performance.  He loves to be involved in the music community.  Whether teaching private violin lessons, performing with his original band Antiques, or playing chamber music for weddings, Alex aspires to be a muse for anyone in the world to pick up music.

Alex also enjoys playing tennis, puns, and meeting new people.  Alex is thrilled to be a part of the Einstein’s Team!

Alex K

Alexander (Alex) K.


Alexander was born in a small town in southern Minnesota and lived there for 14 years till he moved down to Houston TX with his family in 2014. He loves it here in Texas ever since he moved and would never think about living anywhere else again. Alexander went to Tomball Memorial High School and graduated in 2019. He is now attending Texas State University majoring in manufacturing engineering and hopes to become an automotive engineer. He worked at Costco Wholesale in his last year of high school for a few months before leaving to go to college.

Alexander loves to play basketball and do almost anything as long as it’s with friends. He enjoys swimming, playing video games, watching movies, and much more. He loves to work hard and put all his effort into everything he does.

Andrew W

Andrew (Drew) W.


Andrew, also known as Drew, was born in Virginia and shortly after moved to Dayton, Texas where he’s lived his whole life. After graduating from Dayton High School he attended North Eastern State University (in Tahlequah, Oklahoma) for 2 years with a baseball scholarship then transferred to Southwestern Christian University (in Oklahoma City). He earned a degree in Sports Management in 2016. He then signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, in which he played for 2 years in Florida and in West Virginia. He recently moved to Austin to pursue his work career.

Drew enjoys anything that has to do with outdoors if the weather isn’t terrible. He loves going to the beach, hiking, camping, going out with friends just enjoying life to the fullest!

Angel P

Angel P.


Angel was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He moved to the United States with his sister and mother to pursue better education and opportunities. Angel went on to graduate high school in 2014 and joined the U.S. Army shortly after. He served for 4 years and 3 in the National Guard. He is currently working towards earning his Mechanical Engineering degree. Angel enjoys spending time outside whether it be running, biking, working out, or exploring the Austin areas. He is at his best when helping others with things they need as he loves to help people.

Anthony C

Anthony (Tony) C.


Tony was born in Sacramento, California and spent the majority of his early life moving throughout California from the Bay Area, to all the way up near the Oregon border and many places in between. He joined the Army as an Intelligence Analyst in 2010, where he was stationed 3 years in Fort Hood, TX (including a tour of duty in Iraq). Spending most of his free weekends driving down to Austin, he quickly fell in love with the city and was finally able to commit to moving there in early 2019.

Tony spends the majority of his free time on various hobbies or activities, including: making music, boxing, playing video games, working out, swimming, or just making good memories with friends. He also loves animals and will go out of his way to pet just about anything (so far the opossum that frequents his backyard has not obliged).

Benjamin D

Benjamin (Ben) D.


Ben has lived in Texas for the majority of his life. He was born in Kansas and was adopted into the family he has now as an infant. He moved to Lake Jackson Texas when he was two years old and enjoyed any outside activity or sport, but his favorite thing to do while he was in high school was surf in the Gulf of Mexico! He then made his way to San Marcos Texas where he obtained his bachelors in business administration in 2020. Ben now has a huge passion for fitness and helping people and plans to open a gym of his own in the coming years!

Cody C.


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Cody M

Cody M.


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Corban H.


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Cristian C.


Cristian recently moved down to Austin in March. He was born in Berwyn, Illinois but mostly grew up in a small town called Winnemucca in Nevada. He is a 22 years old free spirit who is down to do pretty much anything. He likes to travel and has been to Alaska to see the northern lights. Cristian has been a little bit of everywhere in the west coast has a goal to see the rest of the states on the east side. On his off time, he likes to play guitar, go on hikes and just go on adventures, etc. He is a very optimistic person that likes to make others laugh and likes to motivate others.

Daniel M

Daniel (Danny) M.


Danny McFarland graduated High School in Woodbridge, Virginia, where he played soccer, track and field, tennis and football. He graduated in 2010 and went on to JMU where he graduated with his Business administration degree. After college he traveled up and down the East coast with his best friend in a Camper Van they built out together. After a year off he moved to Fairfax Virginia where he started his managerial career with &Pizza in Washington DC. After an accident in 2017, he left DC to go live in beautiful Sedona where he helped his friend start up a moving company Thanks For The Help, where he was able to help build the company into the #1 family run moving company in Arizona. After about 2 years in Arizona he left and moved to San Marcos, Texas where he currently resides with his pup Mikayla. When Danny isn’t working, he enjoys hiking and camping with his dog, going to live music events/local art venues, and kayaking on the San Marcos River.

Donald S

Donald S.


Donald was born and raised in Manor, Texas. After high school he decided to attend the Universal Technical Institute to turn his hobby of working on cars into a full blown career. After graduating he worked as an Automotive Technician for four years before deciding on a change of pace. Donald left the automotive industry for a more flexible schedule, better hours, and the opportunity to pursue his new aspirations to become a firefighter.

“I still work on engines from time to time, but now its more tuning up my motorcycle or helping friends to get their cars back on the road”. Whenever he has  the chance, Donald loves to race his sport bike to fuel his adrenaline. I

“I love customer interactions and moving has given me the opportunity to focus on moving towards becoming a firefighter while keeping me outside and in shape!”

Dylan S.


Dylan is from the coastal plains of Seabrook Texas. Dylan grew up two
minutes from the beach and spent lots of time there. It’s a beautiful place, but there was
always something intriguing about Central Texas. Dylan moved to Austin to pursue music and be around like-minded
people. He is excited to see how the city will change over the years and wants to help it grow.
In his spare time he spends it recording and producing music. Dylan loves the process of gathering
sounds, throwing them on a canvas, and refining them into a composition. As of now it is just a
passion and a hobby, but he aspires to do it professionally. In the meantime, he enjoys the ride
and the Austin lifestyle. Dylan does not see myself leaving any time soon.

Elijah W

Elijah (Eli) W.


Elijah was born in San Francisco CA, and moved to Austin when he was young. He loves the Austin area and the vast amount of personalities from different walks of life. After graduating from McNeil High school (in Northwest Austin) he helped open the restaurant Moonshine and tried his hand in multiple different career paths though Austin Community College. Now he is working towards obtaining his Real Estate license to Buy, Flip, and Sell his own properties. Elijah enjoys anything that challenges his athleticism, Always wanting to try new things and explore. Hiking, Baseball, Sand Volleyball, Wakeboarding are amongst the favorites. He loves pushing his own limits and trying to be better then he was yesterday.

Gregory H

Gregory (Chance) H.


Growing up just outside of Houston in a small town called Waller, Chance graduated from Waller High School in 2013. An avid football player and wrestler in high school, he first continued his education at Lone Star Community College before transferring to Texas State in the Fall of 2015. During his time at Lone Star, Chance balanced his course load with his job at a furniture store and, later, Buc-ee’s. When he’s not working or studying, Chance enjoys being outdoors hunting, fishing, or participating in pretty much any sport!

Henry P

Henry P.


Henry was born and raised in Fredericksburg, TX. After 20 great years in his home town Henry decided to move to San Marcos to pursue new job opportunities. Soon after that Henry left San Marcos and moved to Austin so we could be closer to ACC where he was attending classes. On his days off Henry enjoys staying active by going to the gym, reading a good book, also loves being outdoors. He tries to go to the greenbelt here in Austin as much as he can and also Zilker Park to get some outdoor time.


Jaaziel B.


Jaaziel was born and raised in Carrizo Springs, Texas. He attended Southwest Texas Junior College after high school and graduated in 2018 with an Associates of Arts. He moved to San Marcos, Texas to attend Texas State University and graduated in 2020 with a degree in Criminal Justice. He loves the area and has no plans of leaving. Jaaziel enjoys staying fit and challenging himself physically. He loves to skateboard, swim, and take his dogs on adventures. He strives to be the best he can.

Jason P

Jason P.


Jason was born in Arlington, TX but moved around a lot with his family. After finally landing in Twin Falls, Idaho Jason graduated high school in 2014.While attending high school Jason worked at KMVT news as a studio control operator. Jason took a lot of pride in his work at KMVT by making sure all newscasts ran smoothly. KMVT newscasts delivered news for all of Souther Idaho.

After graduating Jason enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he spent the next four years of his life stationed in Hawaii as an infantryman. As a team leader it was his job to make sure his team worked together efficiently, quickly, and safely. While he was in service, Jason visited many different countries and experienced multiple cultures around the Pacific. After finishing his enlistment contract, Jason moved back to Texas to settle down and start a new chapter in his life. In his spare time, Jason like to relax, spend time with my friends, and swim.

Jay M.


Coming soon…

Joel G

Joel G.


John was born in Monroe Louisiana and has lived there for most of his life, however he has moved around from many different places such as Rangely Colorado, Gulfport Mississippi, and San Bernardino California. He graduated from West Monroe High School in 2017, and he’s trying to start a new life in Austin Texas. John likes to do many different activities many of which have to do with the outdoors such as hiking, kayaking, walking around downtown, and working out. He’s also strong minded and ambitious puts all effort into what he believes in.

John B

John B.


John was born in Monroe Louisiana and has lived there for most of his life, however he has moved around from many different places such as Rangely Colorado, Gulfport Mississippi, and San Bernardino California. He graduated from West Monroe High School in 2017, and he’s trying to start a new life in Austin Texas. John likes to do many different activities many of which have to do with the outdoors such as hiking, kayaking, walking around downtown, and working out. He’s also strong minded and ambitious puts all effort into what he believes in.

Justin O

Justin O.


Born and raised on the west side of Houston TX, Justin has always been active and is fond of physical activities. Football was always a big part of his youth and continued impacting him when he played in high school, where he met his high school sweetheart. Graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, he has found himself snug in South Austin, and now has the chance to explore the capital city firsthand. Has a love for both indoor and outdoor activities, like hiking, sports, movies and video games. He loves his dog Theseus and always makes time to play and walk with him. He is currently looking to return back to school and start a promising new career.

Matt J

Matthew (Matt) J.


Matt grew up in Pearland, just south of Houston. He is about to graduate in May from Texas State with a BBA in Management. In his free time Matt likes to workout, go fishing or just get outside in general, and hang out with friends.

Matthew J

Matthew J.


Howdy! My name is Matthew Johnson and I am from Caldwell, Texas. I am 26 years old, have two older brothers, and I have two parents who are pastors. Being a Pastor’s kid I have lived in many places, but I found it fortunate to grow up in Aggie country. I attended Texas A&M University which is where I learned the value of hard work, volunteering, and putting others before myself. As a student, I worked my way through school while also making time to serve as a volunteer for both Breakaway and YoungLife as well as other organizations.
After college I began growing my love for people and the outdoors by working in an outdoor education department of a non-profit organization. My time spent there spurred on all of the hobbies and passions I now have and practice like rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking as well as many others. It wasn’t long after finding these new passions that I found myself drawn and moving to Austin. I have only been in Austin since September, but I have quickly come to love the vibrant outdoors, culture, and people.

Nicholas(Nick) C.


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Nicholas(Nick) V.


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Rodrigo S

Rodrigo (Rigo) S.


My name is Rodrigo, but I usually go by Rigo. I will be graduating this December from Texas Tech with a Bachelors’s in Computer Science. I was born in Mexico but now live in Austin. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch YouTube videos.

Ryan F

Ryan F.


Ryan is a lifelong Texan where he grew up in the DFW metroplex. He’s spent most of his childhood competing in sports, mainly football, wrestling and now, he is a current member of the Texas State Weightlifting team. Ryan is currently enrolled at Texas State University with plans to pursue higher education in reaching his goal of doing psychological research, and teaching, for a university. Some of his hobbies include sun bathing in the Texas spring water, disc golf, and cooking for him and his girlfriend.

Ryan M

Ryan M.


Ryan was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He moved to Austin in 2015 and has loved it here ever since. Ryan graduated from Winston Churchill High School in 2011, and have worked in various customer service jobs since.

When he is not working he is in classes for acting and improve or hanging out with his friends. Ryan also likes to stay pretty active and explore all the cool spots Austin has to offer.

Ryder M

Ryder M.


Ryder has made it round to quite a few states. He has lived in mainly Iowa, but also Tennessee, California, and now Texas. He moved to the area due to a job for his wife and some family in the area. He has enjoyed being in Austin since day one of being here. He has his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Cal Baptist University.

Ryder joined the team due to his love of helping people and staying active. He has worked as a personal trainer for years and was also a corporate and small business manager. He enjoys playing with his dogs, Gunner and Lucy, taking hikes, playing sports, and playing games. Some things that people would not know about him is that he is a musician and vocalist as well! He even minored his undergrad in Musical Theater and his favorite portrayal was that of Marius Pontmercy in Les Miserables

Samuel F

Samuel (Sam) F.


Sam grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and decided it was time for a change after graduating high school. He relocated to Austin for college, and hasn’t looked back since; he loves the city and plans to stay long term. He studied accounting at St. Edward’s University, and is currently starting a bookkeeping business to serve self-employed individuals. Along with his entrepreneurship goals, Sam aspires to become a professional martial artist. He trains to compete in jiu jitsu, mauy Thai and MMA. Aside from training, Sam enjoys long walks with his dog and girlfriend on any of Austin’s beautiful trails.

Shawn B

Shawn B.


Shawn was born and raised in Katy, TX where he played multiple sports growing up. After graduating high school, Shawn spent one semester at Texas State University but decided to post-pone his education to join the United States Marine Corp where he attended boot camp in San Diego. During his career as a infantry Marine with both 3rd Battalion 4th Marines and 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, he served two deployments overseas in Afghanistan and later Kuwait. While in service he attended various infantry schools where he earned commendations for his hard work. Shawn has since gotten off active duty in late 2015, after obtaining the rank of corporal. He then decided to continue his education and began attending classes back at Texas State University in San Marcos where he currently resides.

Shawn is now pursuing a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science. During his spare time he enjoys weight lifting and various outdoor activities, especially with his dog. He is routinely trying to stay active and better himself every day.

Tristan W

Tristan W.


Tristan grew up in Travis County near Austin. After Graduation from Westlake High School, Tristan backpacked through Asia and Europe before returning to Austin. Since then he has tried his hand at various occupations including hydroponic farming and home renovation where he learned valuable skills but ultimately found out those careers weren’t for him. Currently Tristan is taking online classes at Austin Community College and searching for his passion. He welcomes the opportunity to help people start happy lives in their new homes. After hours Tristan can be found hiking with his puppy or swimming at Barton springs on hot summer days.

Victor S.


Coming soon…


Wilson (Ryan) E.


Ryan has lived in Austin since he was 3 years old and has loved every moment. He currently attends Texas State University and is working on getting a degree in Economics. He’s traveled around world visiting France, Romania, Hungry, and the Virgin Islands.

In his spare time Ryan loves country dancing, building computers, and having a good time with friends and family.

Zach S

Zachariah (Zach) S.


Zachariah is from Suffolk, Virginia where he graduated from Nansemond River High School. Looking for new opportunities, he moved to Austin around three years ago. Zach has worked a variety of jobs, mainly in startups. Most recently working in healthcare operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He spends his free time practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, watching fights, and barbecuing with friends. Zach is also a notorious history buff and tech geek. Physical activity is a daily aspect of his life. You can generally find him running a trail, lifting weights, or training at the gym.