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Alex Tran


Alexander was born and raised in the Southwest Alief area of Houston, Texas. A huge fan of books on self-development and human nature, he attended Houston Community College from 2014 to 2016, graduating with an Associates in Psychology. He enjoys in-depth discussions concerning Hip-Hop, fitness, philosophy, spirituality, and making music.

Alex has a little over 3 years of moving experience. He was drawn in by the physicality of the field, but quickly fell in love with Einstein’s methodical approach to the job. Fascinated by the process of creating order from chaos, he appreciated his time in the field as an opportunity to develop himself and his team. He now manages the field in Houston, grateful to continue his journey as a mentor and supporter of the team.

Joel Villatoro


Joel was born and raised in the city of Houston, Texas. He enjoys the adventures of the big city while still loving the tranquility the countryside has to offer. After graduating from Waller High School, he attended community college for a couple of years before transitioning to Texas State University. While enjoying the rivers and college town of San Marcos he graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in Finance. He spent a few years in central Texas before moving back to the great city of Houston.

Joel enjoys spending his time alongside friends and family. He enjoys an active lifestyle of lifting weights, going for a short run, or playing a game of pickup soccer. Always up for a challenge and some friendly competition. He is never shy to try new foods and enjoys spending his time watching professional sports. He also enjoys serving his community by helping them with their moving needs.

Sergio Buenrostro

Sergio Buenrostro


Sergio was born and raised in Houston Texas and you can really tell he has a lot of pride for his city. Currently he is enrolled at Lone star plans to go to the University of Houston to earn his bachelors in Marketing. He loves traveling around the world on a budget traveling to places in south america to places all the way in Dubai. He’s interest are everything that has to do with business. He loves researching and studying how a lot of company’s started up and all the pitfalls they were faced and how they got out of it. He is very into financing and believes that a person can be happier and appreciate more of life with less.

Whenever he is not working he likes to get his hands into all sorts of things that involve building and creating. He loves going thrift shopping and garage sales to look for items that he can flip and make profit form. It isn’t about the money but the journey of beginning to end and feeling like you won! He has big ambition to create and get involved with his community and give back. Oh and he enjoys graphic design too.

Anthony C.


Hi my is Anthony Cuocco I’m 26 years old I was born and raised in Bethlehem, PA. I moved to Houston last year at 25 years old to go after fitness opportunities that were down here. I am a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. I love fitness and pushing my body to become the best version of myself. In my free time I enjoy going to the movies, hanging out with friends, filming YouTube videos, shooting hoops, or just having a nice gym session. I like to set big goals for myself and go after them with everything I got!

David C.


David was born and raised in Texas where he attended Waller High School. He then continued his education at Blinn Community College where he received his associate’s degree in science. After his short time at Blinn, he transferred to Texas State to study exercise sports science. David is currently working on his undergraduate degree but aspires to achieve a doctorate in physical therapy. David loves to exercise and stay in shape. He has played sports his entire life so exercising is a bit of a habit at this point. David enjoys staying active and being outdoors as much as he can. Last but not least, he is a nationally decorated Olympic weightlifter so a lot of his free time is spent training to continue being competitive.

DeMario H.


DeMario Hutchins was born in Detroit Michigan, but was raised amongst many cities such as Flint, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. He now resides in Houston while pursuing his food career as a chef. He has two years of culinary school under his belt as well as experience at Spago of Beverly Hills. Hutchins is the owner of his own catering company which he started back in 2021 he now produces amazing cuisine for all & to try. In his free time, DeMario likes to create new foods and taste for his menu, bike rides, pick up basketball game, gym sessions, as well as music production. He definitely enjoys the physical tasks that require dedication, discipline, and devotion. He’s all ready to work especially with DeMario being accustomed to the 5 Ps of life (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance).

Diego M


Diego was born and raised in Baja California, Mexico, but moved to Houston, Texas when he was 15 years old. After graduating high school, he obtained a Dental Assistant certificate along with an Associate degree in Business Management. Diego enjoys playing and watching basketball, getting to know new places, people, and appreciating good things that life has to offer such as poetry, music, and nature. He loves to try different cuisines from other countries and believes that good coffee should not be missing, and of course depending on the occasion, a tea too. Why not?

Dominic S.


Dominic Smith was born in Dayton Ohio, amongst many states such as Georgia, Maryland, and Connecticut. He now resides in Houston while pursuing his professional track career. He graduated from American International College with his bachelors in english and history. Smith is a two-time Hall of Fame inductee, seven time All-American, and his colleges first national champion in school history since 1885. After graduating, he spent the next 8 years in personal training and coaching. Dominic enjoys running above all things jointed with daily bike rides and being outdoors. He enjoys the physical challenges that require dedication, discipline, and devotion. He is accustomed to physical labor tasks, he relishes in the opportunity to push the limits and develop growth.

Edgar B.


Edgar Barbier was born in Pasadena Texas and grew up in Baytown. He got his associate's at Lee College and is looking to get his bachelor's degree in Architecture at UH. He is looking forward to one day building/ designing his own house and others as well. He one day wants to own his own firm and or go into Interior design. Edgar chose to move because he prefers to have a physical job than be at an office. This is also why he enjoys going to the gym regularly, playing soccer, and being active throughout his days outside of work. He enjoys going camping a lot with his family and simply having his own time. From time to time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing volleyball or simply going out to the city.

Gerardo C.


Born and raised in Baytown, Gerardo was raised by immigrant parents from Mexico. Having two older siblings he understood he needed to catch up and be just like them. He is attending the University of Houston as well as graduating in 2024, and is planning on majoring in Psychology. Worked in various jobs like grocery stocker, avid tutor, fire watch, cashier, and cook. Gerardo’s favorite meal are hot wings and fries. Outside of work, Gerardo likes to workout, watch movies/TV shows, read, and play soccer. Some of his favorite shows are Attack on Titan, Rick and Morty, and Regular Show. Having visited some of the USA, traveling is always on his mind as he wants to visit Europe and South America. This job helps Gerardo as it keeps him moving and he finds it fun. He plans on pursuing a job of being an occupational therapist to help those in need.

Hector M.


Hector Martinez was born in San Antonio but now lives here in Houston. Hector graduated from Cypress Springs High School in 2012 and jumped right into the workforce. Since then he now has three children that keep his home lively. Apart from being a full time dad he also like to be active in going on walks and playing basketball. Hector enjoys living in Houston due to the diversity of people and food. He is big on movies and is usually caught up with what’s new in theaters. Hector was drawn into moving for the physicality that the work requires. While also getting to meet and help people from different walks of life. He enjoys being on his feet and problem solving whatever task is in front of him.

Joel P.


Born and raised here in Spring branch Houston, Tx. Graduated memorial high school where I played football, rugby and track and field. Went on to play select football then onto national football. Have broken a few lifting records in school. Studied engineering and culinary. Truly do love working with my hands. Have a creative mind and enjoy physical work. I enjoy the outdoors and being active alongside cooking and drawing. I am a huge family guy. Love spending my time hanging out with the family doing may random activities from board games to road trips to conversations at the dinning table. I have worked in real estate for a bit flipping houses for a few projects. Do enjoy the labor side of things. Working with a team is I think critical for growth. Have always worked with a team and enjoyed it so. Am an animal lover of all kinds. I personally have a dog, few tarantulas and a bearded dragon. I also love to eat…a lot.
Jon L

Jon L.


Jon, typically known as JD, grew up in a small town in South Texas about an hour away from Corpus Christi. After receiving his Associate’s Degree in Arts, he relocated to Houston for increased professional opportunities. Though the initial adjustment from small-town living to the big city was quite difficult, JD considers Houston his new home and hopes to stay awhile. When he isn’t working, he likes working on his custom-built PC and playing video games. JD is also the proud owner of two huskies names Jax and Harley, so he’s constantly out exploring with his dogs. He looks forward to making your next move your best move!

Joshua J.


I was born & raised in Houston, Tx. Later I moved to Katy, Tx, where I attended Cy-Springs High School. I’ve lived in the greater Houston area my entire life and deeply love this city! I began my college journey by first attending Lone Star College and ultimately finishing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston, studying multiple styles of art. Including painting, sculpture, & graphic design.

At the end of my undergrad program, I was given a study abroad opportunity in Beijing, China where I studied contemporary sculpture. During my undergrad, I worked for a professional moving company in order to pay my way through college. In my free time, I enjoy working on art, playing video games, working out & playing basketball. I also love traveling and trying new food!

Joshua S.


Hello, my name is Joshua Samuel. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up, I wanted to be a firefighter but that career choice changed over the years. In high school, I majored in business management not knowing that would be a beneficial choice later on down the line. After high school, I joined the US Army Texas National Guard and served as an avionics mechanic for 6 years with one deployment. When I returned home, I got into the diesel mechanic field of work starting out as a novice and working my way up. I have recently completed a college program to get my Certificate in Firearms Technology-Gunsmithing. Besides working with firearms, I'm interested in sports, music, and handyman work. In my free time, I would mainly be with my family. If not I would find little projects to do around the house or try to self-educate myself on a topic I'm currently unfamiliar with. Other than that, I'm really a homebody at heart.

Justin M.


Justin grew up in an area east of Houston. He left for the Army 13 days after he finished high school, and began college one year after he finished his contract. Justin now has BAs in history and government! Justin is a really relaxed guy and very social. His girlfriend gets mad at me for talking to strangers too much. He has been to about 10 countries in the 3 years before covid, and plans on going to the Peace Corps next year. Justin looks forward to helping with your upcoming move!

Kelvin R.


Kelvin Rodgers was born in Hillside, New Jersey, and graduated from Montclair University in May 2022 with a major in film. Throughout his college years, he also pursued weightlifting competitions as a side passion. Simultaneously, Kelvin worked diligently at FedEx, dedicating five years to a full-time role as a package handler. Having moved from Hillside, New Jersey, Kelvin now resides in Houston, Texas, where he settled eight months ago. His journey has been one of continuous growth and learning. His tenure at Montclair University and years at FedEx honed his skills and work ethic. He not only excelled at unloading trucks and handling packages but also earned the recognition of his manager, who entrusted him with training new hires. In January 2023, Kelvin embarked on a new chapter by driving from New Jersey to Houston, eager to explore fresh opportunities and expand his horizons. During his downtime, he finds solace in relaxation, especially when he's off work.

Kevin R.


Kevin was born and raised in Houston where he graduated from Yes Prep Brays Oaks. He attended a semester at Houston Community College for Computer Science but realized that the desk job wasn’t for him. After that, he got into car detailing, which led him to have his own business in the car detailing industry. Through this, he developed a passion for cars and hopes to pursue a degree in Automotive Tech. He is also passionate about fitness and sports. He enjoys playing and watching soccer. He also enjoys bodybuilding. You can find him at the gym in his free time, or making Electronic Music which he has been making since 2015.

Manuel (MJ) C.


I was born in the Philippines and moved to Houston when I was 6. I’ve loved every minute of living here and I wouldn’t choose another city/state! I attended high school at Clear Falls in League City, and continued my education at San Jacinto! Although I’m still undecided on which career path to choose, I’ve been loving the journey!

In my free time, you can find me with family, friends, or my two dogs! I also love to travel and share experiences with people from all over the world! But, I do occasionally enjoy spending my downtime playing video games as well!

Manuel J


Hello my name is Manuel Juarez, I am 23 years old and was born in El Salvador but moved to the U.S. when I was 3 years old and have been in Texas ever since. A couple of things about me are that I like to listen to other people's experiences in life to better understand them and communicate with them better, on my downtime you would often find me at the gym or at the park running and jogging. I’m also a car enthusiast, here and there I keep my car up to date with maintenance and also work on my friends and families' cars, always have an open door to learning new things, you can say I’m more of a hands-on type of person.

Mitchell G.


I was born and raised in Louisiana. Grew up loving the outdoors and outdoor activities like fishing, camping, horses, etc. I became a firefighter in my hometown for about 3 years, I loved helping my city and getting a chance to be hands-on with all my work. I moved to Houston around 2021 due to hurricanes and started a new beginning in a bigger city.

Nick N.


Born and raised in Johnson City, Texas. Nick attained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston. Originally, he wanted to become a physical therapist but ended up wanting something more physically demanding. When he’s not working, he is either spending time with friends and family or working out. He is dog dad to Sasha, a female German Shepard. He is very invested in sports, so sports talk is always welcome.

Paul H.


Paul Holman is a Houston native. He graduated from George Washington Carver Magnet High School for Applied Technology, Engineering, and the Arts. Immediately post graduation, in 1999, he enlisted into the United States Army and served honorably until 2003. While enlisted, Paul was a Fast Trac soldier and served a successful peacekeeping deployment to Kosova in 2001. Paul later went on to earn his associate's degree in Applied Technology for Computer Networking Systems from ITT Technical Institute, 2008. Afterward, he pursued a career in Network Administration for the next 8 years. He is now co-revitalizing a family-owned commercial landscaping business. Paul enjoys spending time with his family (human and non-human), and is a lifelong gamer. He has many interests from Psychology to anime, sports/fitness, and politics. More than anything he's an artist of all mediums. Helping people move is a great method of discovery, networking, physical fitness, and reinforcing resolve. Being a part of people's life transition (be it significant or routine) feels special.

Pedro S.


Hello, my name is Pedro Sandoval. I'm 27 years old and I am currently a student at the University of Houston working my way up to earn a Ph.D. in psychology. In my early 20's I worked various jobs in landscaping, the service industry, and through ride-share programs. I'm a born and raised Texan who grew up in Katy, Texas and now I reside in the Spring Branch area. In my free time, I love reading books about interesting facts and about psychology. In general, I love learning, whether it's reading about a subject in a book or in a research journal. I like to do activities that keep my brain stimulated mentally (like reading) and physically (biking through Houston parks). I'm also a very fit and active individual, which means I regularly work out, run, go indoor rock climbing, and sometimes do yoga. Deep down I also enjoy good works of fiction whether they be in the form of anime or short stories. Once I obtain my degree, I want to be a therapist that helps underserved communities address mental health on the individual level. I'm confident in my abilities to achieve my goals, I believe the best in people, and I try to be as understanding as possible with anyone I met, regardless of their affiliation.

Rodrick B.


Hello! My name is Roderick, I was born in Natchez Mississippi, and moved to Houston TX at the age of 9 with my mother and younger sister for better opportunities. I enjoy outdoor activities like jogging around the park or frisbee. I’m just kidding, I’m the type of guy that rides motorcycles, play sports, and take (Calculated) risk in life for the better! I grew up running track, drawing, and playing sports. My focus and work ethic since middle school led me to the opportunity to play college football. Now I don’t have an interest in watching it as much unless I’m with a group of people who share the same interests. My friends would describe me as funny, passionate about my craft, and outgoing with just about anyone. I enjoy working with a team of people who are go-getters and building bonds. I’ve always been the guy who pays attention to details and the little things in whatever I do in life.

Samuel L.


Sam was born in Houston, Texas and grew up just north of here in Spring–but he claims both as his hometown. After graduating from Klein High School, he now attends the University of Houston where he is pursuing a double major in math and economics because he hopes to obtain a doctorate in economics in the next six years. Then, after finishing school, he hopes to retire because “he had a good run.” Outside of school and work, he can be found at the local 24-Hour Fitness lifting much lighter weight than you think he should because “light weight, low reps” isn’t just a motto to him, it’s a lifestyle. In the past, he has worked as a car washer, barista (he wasn’t cut out for it), mover, junk man, and most recently, as a cook at the Ginger Man in Rice Village, where he claims to have flipped over ten-thousand pretzels. We haven’t fact-checked him on it, but we just know he can’t stand pretzels now–so we believe him. All in all, he just wants everybody to have a good time.

Thomas A.


Thomas Alderman was originally born in Lincoln, Nebraska, however, he has lived all over the United States. After high school, he went to the Navy for 5 years and served on an aircraft carrier launching & recovering F/a-18s on the flight deck. He then worked at a nuclear deterrence squadron before finishing up his contract. Currently, he is in school for economics and will be finishing up his degree at UT Austin in January. After that, he will be working as a post-graduate of some sort. Thomas would also like to travel the world more. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife and play his soprano saxophone, he also likes to eat/cook great food and read. He pursued moving because he wanted to lose weight fast after a bulk in the gym. So far it has worked great for him. For anyone reading this who needs an amazing full-body workout, he would recommend moving.
Two female volunteers carry a box of bananas

How We Help Our Local Houston Community

We’re always up to lend a helping hand — might be why we’re a moving company! Here are a few of the local non-profit organizations we’re involved with:

Central Texas Food Bank

Our Houston team helped support the Central Texas Foodbank by coordinating the pickup and drop off of non-perishable food items with our moving trucks for those affected by COVID-19.

A crew of volunteers wear yellow safety vests and carry supplies to plant trees in Honduras

Eden Reforestation Project

Did you know that for every move our Houston team makes, we plant four trees?! Since July 2, 2020, we’ve partnered with the Eden Forestation Project so that we can help offset our carbon emissions and build healthier forests.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Eden Reforestation Project, visit their site.