Going Carbon Neutral

We care about the environment, which is why we’re working towards offsetting our carbon emissions.

Moving is not an environmentally friendly service. The big trucks relocating our customers’ belongings from one place to another burn fossil fuels like gasoline and release them into the atmosphere resulting in climate changes that can already see the impact of. Although we can’t stop driving our moving trucks, we can commit to finding new and different ways to offset our carbon emissions.

Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Smart Movers, Smart Route

We use tech driven logistics to reduce the miles driven in our trucks. This means that we take the most economical route from your old home to your new one! Our trucks also don’t idle during moves.

Recycling Packing Materials

Boxes are something you can’t avoid during a move. We recycle boxes and shrink wrap at our locations in which we can find a recycling partner. That doesn’t include every location we have, but we are actively looking for partners in each area that we serve.

Eden Reforestation Project

Scientists tend to agree that the restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation. For this reason, our moving company joined The Eden Reforestation Project as a partner in July 2020.

By calculating our carbon footprint using standards approved by Eden, we decided to plant four trees for every move we complete in order to offset the carbon we put into the air. These four trees are planted regardless of how big or small the move is and has already resulted in tens of thousands of trees being planted across the world!

When you choose us, you’re choosing a moving company that cares about the environment. Contact us or get your instant moving quote today.

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