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Brandon Kelley

Brandon Kelley


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Brandon graduated from High School in 2012 and soon found summer work repairing large communication towers. Not only did this eliminate his fear of heights, but it also enabled him to travel much of the continental United States. Though he had received many postcards over the years, actually seeing the beautiful parts of this country in person augmented his desire to travel more extensively. Brandon places immense value on family, which was his primary reason for leaving the tower industry and coming to work at Einstein. Outside of work, you will find him on the water fishing with his dogs or on a hike somewhere in the mountains looking for big game. He looks forward to bringing his limitless energy and work ethic to every customer he relocates!

Jack Davis


Meet Jack, a passionate fitness enthusiast, and dedicated teacher who loves helping others achieve their goals. He finds joy in sharing his fitness knowledge and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. When he’s not teaching or working out, Jack enjoys immersing himself in the world of podcasts, expanding his horizons, and staying informed. After putting in hard work, Jack knows how to unwind and savor life’s simple pleasures, often enjoying a refreshing beer with friends. With a perfect balance of dedication and enjoyment, Jack’s zest for life shines through in all that he does.

He loves working with people, and excited to meet some new folks and help them with their move!

Chris M.


Chris was born and raised right here in Tampa Fl. After graduating high school, Chris enlisted in the Army where he pursued his passion for cooking. Although he is down to try any cuisine, his heart and mind are always on Creole food. In his free time, you will catch Chris in the gym lifting weights. As a former wrestler, he focuses on powerlifting to improve his speed and acceleration when he is on the mat. Chris has a "no excuse" mindset and lives by the saying "Do be a do-er. Don't be a don'ter". 

Christopher B.


Chris is from Point Pleasant, New Jersey which is just a short drive away from the iconic filming location of the renowned show Jersey Shore. He is currently attending the University of Tampa studying Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics. During his leisure time, Chris stays active with a variety of hobbies. He hits the gym, embraces the virtual world of gaming, and expresses his culinary creativity in the kitchen. Among the many talents, Chris's zest for life is evident as he seeks fulfillment in diverse activities.

Dorian S.


Dorian is a native of St. Petersburg, Fl. That’s right, he has been here his whole life! At 22 years old, he is currently attending college to pursue a career in becoming an Electrical Engineer. Standing at 6′ 5″, you can bet he was on the basketball court giving the other team problems throughout his time in High School and College.

A self-proclaimed “Gentle Giant”, Dorian loves reading and writing poetry. Although he has not officially published any of his work, that is a goal of his in the near future. Dorian holds his faith to the highest level which has become the foundation of his life. Any chance he has, you will find him studying and implementing what he learns in his daily life.

Trevor “Benji” B.


Benji, a native of Tampa, witnessed the city's remarkable transformation from its past state to its present one. Following his high school graduation, Benji embarked on a remarkable adventure by enlisting in the United States Army. During his military service, he displayed exceptional legal skills as a Judge Advocate, effectively handling diverse and unique situations. Being a first-time father, Benji prioritizes his invaluable spare moments to his greatest priority in life: his cherished family. As a dedicated father, he derives boundless happiness from nurturing his children and deeply appreciates the duties and gratifications associated with the role of fatherhood.