Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing makes life easier. Some moving companies are as bad as airlines when it comes to hiding fees and disguising costs (carry on fees, are you kidding?). That’s no fun.

Moving Locally?

We want to keep it simple, as it should be. Absolutely everything is included in our hourly rate.

Taxes and Insurance? Yep.

Dollies, wraps, and pads? Check, check, and double check.

Gas and the truck? Absolutely.

Tools to disassemble and reassemble things like my bed and appliances? You betcha.

And you want to hear something cool?

There are no other fees. Let me repeat that.There are zero other fees.

No assembly/disassembly fees. No stair fees or transportation surcharges. Just a flat, easy rate.

The time officially starts when we pick up the first piece of furniture and then you have us for as long as you need us. If/When we go over the minimum (2 1/2 hours), the time is prorated in 15 minute increments. At the end of the day, you only pay for the time we are working and you won’t believe how hard we work!

Moving Out of Town?

If you are headed out of our service area, our pricing is super easy. We still have a simple hourly rate, the only change is we do add a transportation fee based on the mileage outside of our service zone.

This fee helps us cover the cost of paying our team and gas for the truck while it is empty either coming out to you or coming back.

No fancy arithmetic here.

Areas Served

We Do Excellent Work and Our Customers Love Us

Super easy, super friendly, really pleasant experience. My movers were professional and fast and really careful with everything. They worked great as a team. I thought the pricing was really reasonable too and it only took the guys a couple of hours to move what I felt like was an insane amount of stuff. Thanks Einstein! Y’all are the best.

— Sammy Lou

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