Our pricing makes moving easier. Some moving companies are as bad as airlines when it comes to hidden fees and disguising costs (carry-on fees, are you kidding!?).

Other movers may even quote a lower per-hour rate, then charge you later for all sorts of things you thought were included. We include everything in our hourly rate so you know exactly what you’ll be paying — and no surprise fees to add stress to your move!

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An Einstein mover loads a stack of boxes into a moving truck

How Our Pricing Works

We charge a set hourly rate (that depends on your location) per mover for a 2 1/2 hour minimum on every move. If or when we go over that minimum, you are charged in 15-minute increments. The time starts as soon as we pick up the first piece of furniture and you have us for as long as you need us!

Want to know the best part? There are no additional or hidden fees of any kind. Our moving quote offers the best value because we include everything below — unlike the competitors:

  • Gas and trucks. No travel fees or fuel surcharges if in our free service area!
  • Moving supplies (shrink wrap, pads, bands, etc)
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • On-Time Guarantee
  • Credit card processing fees
  • Assembly and Disassembly of any furniture items (our team will have all the required tools on hand)
  • Going Carbon Neutral: We plant 4 trees for every move completed!
Two Einstein movers load a couch into a moving truck

That’s not all! We are proud to lead our industry by including our No Worries Damage Coverage in our flat hourly rate. This extra form of valuation coverage allocates up to $2000 to repair, replace, or reimburse for any items damaged during the move process. This goes WAAAAY beyond the industry standard of $.60 per pound of coverage offered by our competitors.

If you are looking for help with packing, we offer full and partial packing services in both Texas and Florida. Visit our packing services page for more information.

An Einstein mover carries two boxes

How Our Free Service Area Pricing Works

Our hourly rate includes all moves within your location’s free service area. This means if you are moving within our free service area there are no assembly or disassembly fees and no stair fees or transportation surcharges. Just a flat, easy rate.

For any moves that fall out of the free service area, there is an additional transportation fee that varies and is based on a combination of average drive time and mileage. This fee helps us cover the cost of paying for our team and gas for the truck while it is empty either coming out to you or coming back. You will know the total cost of this fee before you book your move!

Find your nearest location to see accurate pricing.

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Super easy, super friendly, really pleasant experience. My movers were professional and fast and really careful with everything. They worked great as a team. I thought the pricing was really reasonable too and it only took the guys a couple of hours to move what I felt like was an insane amount of stuff. Thanks Einstein! Y’all are the best.

Sammy Lou

Einstein Customer