We are fans of communication. Here are all the times we will stay in touch before, during, and after your move.

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How We Communicate

  • A few days before you move: The Meet Your Mover email will arrive in your inbox and will let you know which of our movers will arrive at your home. It will also contain your Moving Checklist (and some super boring info we are required to send).
  • One day before your move: We will call you to check in one last time and make sure you don’t need any extra packing materials or boxes.
  • Day of your move: We will ring you to let you know we are en route to your location.
  • One week after your move: We will check in to make sure everything went according to plan.

We are fans of communication (and bullet points) as you can see!

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Zach was on time and immediately evaluated what was needed and developed a plan with his co-worker. Extremely efficient, ready to work, strong and focused on the job at hand. I have used other movers; however, now I know the difference between an amateur moving company and a professional moving company. I will always use Einstein whenever I move, they made an easy job of a much-dreaded move.

Paddy Hill

Einstein Customer