Help out without leaving your Home!

The food banks in our area are in desperate need and we are hoping you can help us fill them back up. So we are coordinating a food drive.

Our COVID Food Drive – SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who donated! We are going to be able to get 100s of boxes of food to the area food banks because of you!!!

If you or someone you know can fill a box (or bag) at least the size of a shoebox with non-perishable food items, our trucks will be out on Wednesday (April 8th) collecting them for drop off at food banks in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Don’t worry, the food banks are disinfecting all donations before they hit their shelves.

If you can help, please fill out this form with your name, address pickup, email and phone number. We will confirm your address was received and let you know when to expect us.

We will also thank you profusely.

I Want to Help

Pickup Details

At the date of pickup, leave the items on your front porch so our team can collect it. No need to go anywhere and no need to come into contact with anyone.

At this time, we are restricting pickups to within a 20 mile radius of our offices:

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Please Share With Friends

Please, please share this with your friends and your neighbors. In fact, share this with anyone with a little extra food to spare so we can get as much food as possible to those going without. We will not use any information collected for anything else outside of this food drive.

Spread The Word

Once you’ve signed up please encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Download images below:

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Our Goal

We are hoping to donate at least 200 boxes or more of food to Food Banks across Texas.

These are troubling times for sure. One day, we will look back and tell our children and grandchildren about our time spent living during a pandemic. We will speak of the isolation and the loss of jobs. The heroic work of our doctors and first responders. The Netflix binges and the country-wide shortage of toilet paper.

But we will also be able to talk about the ways we stepped up. The way communities came together to help those less fortunate.

We would like to have a small part in that and we sincerely hope you can help. We know that a lot of us don’t have excess food to share and no pressure either way. There are other ways for us to help below. But, if you have some extra in the back of your pantry or you can spare some for others, toss it in a box!

Can We Provide More Help?

Finally, if you are or know an organization that’s distributing critical last mile supplies, Einstein Moving can help. We have dozens of trucks in all major markets of Texas and would be willing to offer services at cost with no intention of making a profit. Feel free to reply back to this email with any ideas or requests.

We look forward to picking up a box from your front porch/stoop/doorstep soon.

One love,
Your Friends at Einstein Moving Company

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