How to Choose A Good Moving Company – Written by an Actual Moving Company

Depending on where you live, there are usually plenty of options to choose from when looking for a moving company. Moving day can be stressful enough without the added disappointment of unexpected moving fees, a late start, or worse, damage to your property. That’s why our team of moving experts put together this resource to help you find the best moving company in Texas!

12 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Moving Company In Texas

Like all things, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it and we’ve spent a long time learning how to move things the right way! We’re here to share helpful tips so you can be confident knowing the moving company you hired will get your valuables from point A to B damage free, and as quickly as possible:

1. Make Sure The Moving Company Is Licensed & Insured

First and foremost, you want to make sure you are working with a legitimate and trustworthy moving company. Moving companies must have local, state, multi-state or international licensing depending on the areas they serve. Ask your moving company if they are licensed and take it as a warning if they are unsure or hesitant to share this information with you.

A reputable moving company will also be fully insured to protect your property and the safety of its employees. There are state minimums moving companies must follow, but this may not cover any and all damage to your property. You may want to consider purchasing additional moving insurance if you have valuables or antiques that need extra coverage. Check with your moving company about the details of their insurance policy, so you know exactly what is covered.

We lead the industry by offering coverage that surpasses the state minimum and covers up to $2,000 per move.

2. Don’t Trust Extremely Low Moving Quotes

A too-good-to-be-true moving quote is usually just that! A very low quote often leaves out add-ons, fees, and other costs resulting in an invoice that is double, if not triple, the original quote. Watch out for these lowball non-binding quotes, as they are unreliable and likely to change.

Trustworthy moving companies have straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. A few things that should be included in your quote are:

We simplify the moving process by including everything in our hourly rate so you know what to expect.

3. Be Wary Of Moving Companies That Only Accept Cash

If a moving company only accepts cash, it is a warning sign that they want to avoid a paper trail. Paying by credit card can help protect you from fraudulent activity, whereas a cash transaction is untraceable. A legitimate moving company will accept multiple forms of payment, including credit cards.

We accept all major credit cards and cash but do not accept checks. If you need to pay by check for an office move can contact our office to confirm a check is acceptable.

4. Don’t Forget To Check Out Reviews

Take the time to read reviews. Every company is likely to get a bad review or two, so keep a critical eye out for reviews that seem unfair or unjustified, but many negative reviews can be an indicator of poor service.

Watch for examples of repeated lousy behavior like tardiness, hidden fees, damage, etc., and know that a good moving company will have solid reviews.

We pride ourselves on being the best moving company in Texas and encourage all customers to review us so we can stay on top!

5. Avoid Moving Companies That Use Subcontractors

More people means more problems. When your moving company involves a company or people who are not employees of their company, quality control becomes an issue. Subcontractors can’t always be relied on to uphold the values and quality of service that a moving company would expect from its employees. It’s asking for trouble.

Of course, there are some exceptions – if a specialty service is required, or you are moving to a new location, hiring a subcontractor may be the logical choice. Just make sure you know who the subcontractors are and do your research into their credentials. Otherwise, walk away from a moving company that subcontracts out their local moves.

We share a picture and bio of all our movers on our website, and we email you a few days before your move to let you know who your assigned movers are. We are proud of our team and trust them (and only them!) to maintain our high standards and quality of service.

6. Make Sure The Moving Company Consistently Uses Their Complete Business Name

Unfortunately, a common scam for moving companies is to switch their company name or hide under the header “do business as” to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau.

To help avoid falling prey to this scam, look for companies who have a local business address and use their full business name when answering the phone.

To find out how a legitimate and professional business answers their phone, you can call us and speak to one of our moving specialists!

7. Consider A Moving Company Involved In Their Local Community Or Other Charitable Organizations

When choosing a moving company, consider using a local business that is involved in their community. By supporting a business that donates to their community and other charities, you know you are helping to make a difference and can feel good about your choice!

For example, we plant four trees for every move booked, we continuously take part in local food bank initiatives, and we are also involved in providing free moves to victims of domestic abuse, as well as donating time and money to many other great local organizations.

8. Make Sure The Moving Company Uses A Local Texas Phone Number

A local Texas phone number is one of the ways to know that your moving company is legitimate. A non-local company may actually be a moving broker (a sales company that sells moves to different local moving companies) so make sure your moving company has local ties.

We have local phone numbers and physical locations in all the areas we service including:

9. Choose A Moving Company With A Damage Coverage Policy

Accidents happen, and a damage coverage policy protects your property in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. It does not mean your moving company is more likely to damage your property. Instead, they are showing they will be responsible if an accident does occur.

And you want a moving company that is responsible and reliable!

Ask your moving company about their damage coverage policy. We have a No Worries Damage Coverage. Our customers can trust that we will cover any accidental damage to their property.

10. Avoid A Moving Company With A Long List Of Moving Fees Or Added Expenses

After a big move, the last thing you want is to get an invoice full of extra fees and unexpected expenses.

A moving company that tries to hide fees and disguise costs does not have your best interests in mind. Easy, straightforward pricing with everything included is your safest bet. Otherwise, you may end up paying way too much for services and fees you didn’t even know to expect!

There are many ways a moving company can structure its billing. We like to keep it simple and charge an hourly rate that includes everything. You’ll never get hit with hidden fees, and you’ll only pay for the time we spend moving. Easy!

11. Consider A Moving Company That Showcases Their Employees

If a moving company has committed and dedicated employees who do great work, they will likely want to show them off!

Although not a requirement for everyone, knowing who you’ll be dealing with and letting into your home can be an added level of comfort for some.

We’re proud of the moving teams we’ve put together at each of our locations. We have a picture and bio for all our movers on our website so our customers can feel secure knowing who will be showing up at their door!

12. Moving Out Of State? Make Sure The Moving Company Has The Appropriate License

Moving out of state can be tricky, so it is important to choose a moving company with the proper licensing and experience to accommodate your move.

Moving companies need a special license to conduct business out of state. If you plan to move a little further away, the first thing to check is if your mover carries the appropriate license to get you there!


What Questions Should I Ask My Moving Company?

Here are some questions that will give you all the important info you need about the moving company you’re looking to hire:

1. How much do you charge for moving?

A company will usually charge one of four ways:

  1. You give them an itemized inventory list and they give you a price.
  2. They come out to your location and give you a final price.
  3. They go by the weight of items moved.
  4. They charge an hourly rate.

In most cases, you’ll be better off with an hourly rate. Why? Well, whenever a company gives a firm price they take what they think the move will cost and then they add some just in case something goes wrong or unexpected issues come up. So, if everything goes as planned you will actually end up paying more for your move than you should.

2. How should I pay for my move?

You should always ask movers how to pay before your move! We know of some companies that only accept cash and there are others who charge 5% to process a credit card. By asking beforehand you avoid any surprises when it comes time to pay — because who has that much cash on hand anymore!?

3. When do I pay for my move, before or after?

Make sure to ask when they expect you to pay for your move! We always recommend paying at the end of the move. That way you don’t end up paying for a service, or better yet the quality of service, you may not end up receiving.

For example, we let our customers pay after a move. At the end of the move, our movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move.

4. What do you consider extra services and how do you charge for them?

Basically, you need to make sure they don’t try to hit you with hidden fees afterwards. Are they going to charge you for a flight of stairs inside your home? What about those extra boxes you didn’t realize you had in the storage closet in the garage? Do they charge you to reassemble your furniture?

These things may pop up last minute and add a few hundred dollars to your move. Obviously, this is not good and is why you should do your homework before!

5. How do you handle disputes and complaints?

Say something is broken or lost during the move. How does this company handle stuff like this? Understanding this will give you an idea of the type of company you are dealing with.

For example, we take these matters seriously and deal with them quickly and effectively. Although the state requires companies to resolve disputes within 90 days, we try to resolve matters within 72 hours.

6. How will you pack my special items (such as your beloved big screen, antiques, or paintings)?

You need your special items to be taken care of! Make sure they have a plan for keeping your items safe. Knowing it beforehand will also help you keep an eye on the movers to make sure they actually follow through with what they said.

For example, we ask that you point out any special items to our movers so we can make sure they are treated with care.

7. Do you charge extra for travel time to and from my house?

Really, they should answer this question in the extra charges or pricing section. In fact, if they haven’t already answered this question I recommend you dump the company because they are being a tad dishonest.

Lots of companies will charge a transportation surcharge or start the clock when they leave your warehouse. This will be included in a firm price but, if they are charging hourly, this could potentially change the true price of your move.

For example, if they charge $100 an hour but have a $30 transportation charge then you were actually paying $110 an hour for your short three-hour move.

8. Do you have references of past customers?

The only reason we included this is to tell you it’s a worthless question. A company is never going to give the number to a person who dislikes their service and a good company will not want their clients bothered by people who haven’t taken the time to do their homework.

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