Packing the Emergency Bag

There are so many things to go into moving that often it seems a little daunting.

From choosing the mover, closing on loans and mortgages, dealing with the killer Austin real estate market, packing up all your things, and the hundred other things you have to do to get to a move it is easy to overlook a few steps.

One thing that we have noticed consistently since we started our little moving company here in Austin is that the vast majority of people fail to pack an Emergency bag when moving.

This is something that is often obvious in hindsight but can be easily overlooked when stressing out about everything else that is involved in moving.

What do we mean by emergency bag?

Well, you know when you are taking an airplane and you pack an extra pair of clothes along with some toiletries and other essentials in your carryon. You might need those items if the bags you checked get lost or misplaced in transit.

The emergency bag in the case of moving is the exact same thing.

Many things can happen in the course of a move and sometimes you finish late or a little less organized than your originally planned. Having a box or bag that you can immediately go to that has everything you need to survive a night or two is perfect.

Rather than digging through a bunch of boxes at the end of the night you can just reach into your emergency bag and get everything you need for the night.

So what do you pack in the bag? Here are a few suggestions:

This is by no means an exhaustive list but at least it’s a start. Since the movers often have no idea what is in each box its often difficult to find exactly which box you packed your electric toothbrush in.

Need those important meds for Grandma at the end of the night. Unless you look forward to immediately unpacking, might as well throw it in the emergency bag.

Obviously, the benefits to this oft-overlooked step are legit.

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