Cody W.

Cody was born in Glendale, AZ and moved to Leander, TX in 2006 at the start of his high school career. After graduating in 2010 he moved to Colorado to enjoy the mountain life and fall in love with the outdoors in a way he hadn’t since he was a kid. But the bright stars of that Southern sky continued to beckon and he found his way back to the great state of Texas in just a few year’s time. From there he joined the Texas Army National Guard; serving as a Cavalry Scout, proposed to the woman he had loved since high school, and tried (and failed) to take up the beautiful art of crocheting.

Cody enjoys boxing, mountain biking, hiking, spending time with his two dogs and soon to be wife, binging Dinsey + and going to Chuy’s far more often than his metabolism agrees with. He also truly enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories and doing his best to put a smile on someone’s face.

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