Samuel L.

Sam was born in Houston, Texas and grew up just north of here in Spring–but he claims both as his hometown. After graduating from Klein High School, he now attends the University of Houston where he is pursuing a double major in math and economics because he hopes to obtain a doctorate in economics in the next six years. Then, after finishing school, he hopes to retire because “he had a good run.”

Outside of school and work, he can be found at the local 24 Hour Fitness lifting much lighter weight than you think he should because “light weight, low reps” isn’t just a motto to him, it’s a lifestyle. In the past, he has worked as a car washer, barista (he wasn’t cut out for it), mover, junk man, and most recently, as a cook at the Ginger Man in Rice Village, where he claims to have flipped over ten-thousand pretzels. We haven’t fact-checked him on it, but we just know he can’t stand pretzels now–so we believe him. All in all, he just wants everybody to have a good time.

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