Shawn B

Shawn B.

Shawn was born and raised in Katy, TX where he played multiple sports growing up. After graduating high school, Shawn spent one semester at Texas State University but decided to post-pone his education to join the United States Marine Corp where he attended boot camp in San Diego. During his career as a infantry Marine with both 3rd Battalion 4th Marines and 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, he served two deployments overseas in Afghanistan and later Kuwait. While in service he attended various infantry schools where he earned commendations for his hard work. Shawn has since gotten off active duty in late 2015, after obtaining the rank of corporal. He then decided to continue his education and began attending classes back at Texas State University in San Marcos where he currently resides.

Shawn is now pursuing a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science. During his spare time he enjoys weight lifting and various outdoor activities, especially with his dog. He is routinely trying to stay active and better himself every day.