Top 5 New Homeowner Fixes

If you have  fallen in love with a good old-fashioned Texas fixer-upper house, never fear about moving right in. There are a number of simple tricks that every new homeowner should know in order to make their transition run more smoothly. Here are five of the easiest and most useful to add to your store of knowledge.

Unstick a Stubborn Door

Depending on the circumstances and your environment, doors can stick for a number of reasons. In some cases, especially in dry climates, if a door sticks it’s likely due to either a faulty hinge or the fact that the house may be settling. Simply examine your hardware—if that’s not the issue, look elsewhere. Has the door been painted too much? Is your house older and settling unevenly? These issues can be remedied simply by sanding the point at which the door sticks and re-hanging it with new hardware.

Clean Dingy Grout

Whether it’s a tile floor in the kitchen or a gimcrack shower wall, you can clean any filthy grout simply. Experts recommend using a steam cleaner to bring stains to the surface so they can be easily wiped away. Then, apply a sealant that will protect your glistening white grout in the long run.

Save Your Receipts

When it comes to home improvements—not to be confused with repairs—save your receipts. That way, when the time comes to relocate, you can increase your tax-free earnings from the sale of you home by contributing to your basis. This ties into exemptions and improving an owned property.


When you move in, figure out your fuse box and label each breaker with an inexpensive label-maker. This will enable you to quickly and simply throw the right switch the first time. In the event of an emergency or a necessary repair, spending a bit of time on this now can save valuable time later. Be as specific as possible in your labeling.

Create Storage Space

Whether it’s a hallway closet, an empty room, or the garage,  you’re going to need some extra space to put your things when cleaning or fist moving into your home. Additionally, designating a storage space will keep your house generally organized. For instance if you decide to unpack over the weekend when first moving in, having a storage space within your house will make this task less daunting.

Owning your own home is an exciting time, a great learning experience, and a necessary benchmark in everyone’s life. Don’t go with the convoy of friends and multiple trips. You’ll end up spending more money on gas than if you’d just hired residential movers. One of the most reputable Austin moving companies is Einstein Moving Company. They’ll quickly and professionally move your possessions into your new nest, making sure everything is installed to your satisfaction and in one piece.

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