Types of Knots to Use During a Move

From simple household tasks to the most difficult jobs, knots have been used for centuries and continue to be handy up to the present time. There is a variety of knots, ranging from the simple to the more complicated ones and each has its own use. While tying a knot may be easy, learning how to do it the proper way should be achieved to make sure that the knot is secure and it would serve its purpose. There are a number of knots that can prove to be very useful.

Types of Knots Used For Moving Needs

Sheet Bend

Sheet bend or weaver’s knot is useful in packing stuff that will be moved to another destination. In this type of knot, two ropes are tied together, with one rope thicker than the other. The sheet bend is done by forming a bight with the thicker rope. The end of the thinner rope goes inside the bight and around it and into the opening that is formed. Then, this is pulled.

Austin moving company can rely on this type of knot since this will not slip even if it is placed under load. To make it stronger, they can apply more pressure. This can, also, be utilized on boxes to prevent them from being ripped off. This way, they can be sure that these things are safely transported.

Alpine Butterfly Knot

When packages need to be pulled, movers will find the Alpine butterfly knot useful. Start this knot by forming a bight in the mid-section. Then create 2 loops by twisting it twice. The one of top should be larger than the other. Bring the loop on top over the bottom then fold it at the connecting link, with the bottom loop inside the top loop. Get the bottom loop’ farthest edge from the very first loop and bring it all through the smaller loop. Tighten well.

This is ideal for very heavy packages since these knots are very secure and stable. In addition to this, they have adjustable loops to fit any size of package, plus, they can easily be tied or untied.

Zeppelin Bend

While the Zepeelin bend may look so simple, this knot provides strong security for packages. This knot, also, ties two ropes together. Form a “6 shape” with one rope and a “9 shape” with the other. Place the 6 on top of the 9, with holes aligned with each other. Let the end of the 6 go through the bottom of the 2 holes and out into the other side. Do the same for 9. Pull them together until secure.

This can be utilized for different sizes and weights of packages. Even when used for heavy loads, this knot is easy to tie and untie.


The above-mentioned knots make moving a lot easier and safer, especially when done by a trusted name like Einstein Moving Company in Austin. They make sure that packages are transported securely to their destination.

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